Handy embosser with embossing window of 55x55mm and possibility to put two 90x70mm shims on embossing drum. This unique machine can emboss you one or two shims simultaneously.

If you need to produce up to 200,000 embossed holograms per month – this is your ideal solution.

Handy embosser for small production or test runs

Specifically designed for small manufactures needs it nevertheless has all what is needed to produce perfect embossed holograms.

Embossing area can be defined separately for each shim, assuring the required spacing between each embossing area. Thus, no mechanical recombination for shims is needed and shims can be electroformed straight from the first electroformed photoresist nickel matrix.

As a result, the embossed hologram quality is higher than that of holograms stamped with conventional embossers. Our Embosser is an ideal solution to produce small hologram runs (100-50,000 psc) with a low manufacturing self-cost.


Technical specifications

Maximum embossing area 5.5 x 5.5 cm
Embossing area adjustment range (0.1-5.5) x 5.5 cm
Productivity up to 1500 embossing per hour
Shim size bigger than 90 x 70 mm
Shim thickness 30-50 micrometers
Number of shims on the drum  one or two
Embossing foil width 30-60 mm
Diameter of embossing foil roll < 35 cm
Heating time before embossing ~15 min


  • Automatic heating control
  • Adjustable printing speed
  • Adjustable printing pressure
  • Connection with PC
  • MCU printing control


  • Consumed power: < 500 W
  • Dimensions: 1000 х 40 х 40 cm
  • Pneumatic pressure required: 6-8 bar
  • Weight: 40 kg


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