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Holographic printing

In 1999 we have invented digital holographic printing system, based on our RGB pulsed laser technology. Since then we are providing a printing service for full-colour digital holograms ( i-Lumograms). We also are manufacturing hologram printing and lighting equipment. Below you will find a brief description of our digitally printed holograms – i-Lumograms.

The details of all the techniques we are using are described in two books written by our experts:
“Practical Holography, fourth edition” by Graham Saxby and Stanislovas Zacharovas, 2015
Ultra-Realistic Imaging” by Hans Bjelkhagen and David Brotherton-Ratcliffe, 2013

Probably you have seen holograms – not the ones on credit cards, but real image 3D holograms where the images appear to float in the air. On these holograms a 3D image is captured and imprinted on a flat media using lasers.

We have gone further – we have added movement and the possibility to use photographic capture methods for the image that is imprinted onto a digital 3D hologram. As a result, when you move in front of our digital 3D hologram – the Ultra-Realistic 3D images on them move too. We have named this technique “integrated light writing” or “ilumography”.

See videos of some of our i-Lumograms on YouTube.


3D i-Lumogram designed by Dr. Martin Richardson (views from right, center and left)

i-Lumography realizes an old holography dream – to imprint three-dimensional images in colour and movement on the same media. We can manufacture i-Lumograms in all formats from 13x18cm up to 150cm x 100cm, + full colour + volume + animation. Real and virtual scenes can be imprinted in 3D and motion, making real 4D images.

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Technology in brief

3D i-Lumogram is a laser print where each pixel is a colour reflection hologram. Each such holographic pixel contains information extracted from video footage of the scene imprinted. When the 3D i-Lumogram is illuminated by a spotlight, the viewer moving in front of it sees an imprinted three-dimensional scene in movement.

Properly lighted i-Lumogram shows 3D scene in motion

I Lumograms Shall Be Properly Lighted
Lighted I Lumograms Gallery

Visual information recorded onto the 3D i-Lumogram becomes visible when lighted. In order to see the scene exactly as it was planned by the designer, you need to have proper lighting and/or a proper displaying solution. As a light source you can use a usual MR16 halogen lamp, or we can supply you with the right lighting solution for your hologram.

Difference from others 3d printing techniques

Our 3D image imprinting technique is not the only one in the world, but we believe that it is the best one, because:

Other 3D techniques:

  • Lenticulas: have colors and movement together, but the depth of image is very small, you can see defocused image on +1 -3cm from image surface
  • Analogue holograms: may have colors and deep focus, but can not have movement
  • Stereograms: may have movement, but can not have real colors.
  • Laser projections on barrier screen: can not have good resolution and needs a floating media
  • LCD 3D displays: are limited in size and resolution

On our i-Lumogram  3D images:

  • Are protruding for 20% of hologram width in front of hologram surface and are clearly visible at 75% of hologram width behind the hologram
  • Have movement of ~5 seconds
  • Have colors

Moreover, all other techniques require scientists or qualified engineers to produce the image – our live imaging technique is designed to be used by common people. The knowledge of what is photography is enough to understand ilumography and master it – as in nowadays photography, image creation is separated from image imprinting.

Commercial advantages

  • better memorized than any other media, including holograms;
  • can be printed from existing digital files coming from a variety of media, like camera recording, all kind of 3D CAD based programs (3D studio Max, Cinema 4D, Maya, etc.) as well as from images from 3D scanning devices.
  • same files can be used for different size prints.
  • lighter than other media and has smaller volume – can be easily transported from one presentation place to another.

Read our article presented on Holopack-Holoprint about i-Lumograms application within the advertising industry.

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