Achromatic Master-holograms

Perfect solution for high security holograms – catchy and not counterfeitable. At the moment, it is the only in the world achromatic hologram with colour elements. Visible while illuminated from front and from the back. Contains animation.

After metalization you can emboss holograms on threads for banknotes or other high-level security documents. Image element size is 100×100 micrometers. Single hologram can be till 150×150 mm.

Achromatic master-originals for embossed holography

Geola’s surface relief master-original holograms digitally printed on photoresist plates with our Originators are the only achromatic holograms on the marked which can be illuminated from front and from the back. At the same time our holograms can contain deep 3D images and true color elements:


A photograph of Geola’s achromatic master-hologram on photoresist, illuminated from the front

Video of our achromatic master-hologram

Movement-left-rightMoving hologram from left to right
Illuminating hologram from the front and from the back


Below are not edited photographs of such surface relief hologram on photoresist plate illuminated from various directions, the camera was facing the plate from same angle. Hologram size 5x40mm. Inscription “100 GEO 100 GEO” is achromatic, on background we also added true color “green-red-green-red…” strip in height of 1.3mm.

lamp-angle-2 lamp-angle-3

lamp-angle-4 lamp-angle-5

lamp-angle-6 lamp-angle-7

lamp-angle-8 lamp-angle-9

lamp-angle-10 lamp-angle-11

Please contact us for mode details concerning our achromatic holograms. Samples of such holograms available under NDA only.

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