SM-6 developer and PBU-Amidol bleach

Chemicals for our photomaterials processing can be purchased directly from Geola. We have tested a lot of chemical processing solutions for the best processing of Silver Halide photomaterials we are supplying. Our research result is now available for everyone.

SM-6 Developer
Chemical Formula
Sodium Hydroxide 12.0g NaOH
Phenidone 6.0g C6H5-C3H5N2O
Ascorbic Acid 18.0g C6H8O6
Sodium Phosphate (dibasic)
if 12H2O
Water to 1.0L H2O
PBU-Amidol bleach
Potassium Persulphate 10.0g K2S2O8
Citric Acid 50.0g C6H8O7
Cupric Bromide 1.0g CuBr2
Potassium Bromide 20.0g KBr
Amidol 1.0g (NH2)2C6H3OH•2HCl
Water to 1.0L H2O

Download processing instructions from here.

Processing power
1 liter of each of solution enables one to process 1 square meter of the Silver Halide photomaterial (VRP-M, PFG-01, PFG-03M, PFG-03C, GEO-03).

Download processing instructions from here.

The developer solution remains developing properties while stored for three days. Bleaching solution can be stored for about one week.

Processing even one plate in the developing and bleaching solutions noticeably reduce their lifetime to 24-48 hours.

All solutions should be stored in the closed dark glass or non-active dark plastic bottles. You can store them in a room temperature, but it is better to store them in the refrigerator at +5 degrees Celsius.

Work with chemicals
It is important to follow good laboratory practice while processing the photomaterials. The chemicals included in Geola’s set are not poisonous, however, please wipe up any spillage as soon as it occurs and use the polythene gloves. Download safety instructions here.