Est. 1995

Started as General Optics Laboratory in 1995.
For more than 20 years supplying world with innovative solutions in pulsed laser photonics and spatial imaging


Unique Single Longitudinal Mode pulsed lasers with coherence length of more than 3 meters and energy till 20 Joules

Analogue holography pulsed studios to produce analogue holograms in size of up to 1.2×0.8meters.

Digital holographic printers with pulsed lasers – we have invented them in 1999.

Photomaterials & Chemistry for holography and industry

Sample Heading

Digital 3D Image Holograms from customers data files

Masters-originals for embossed holography needs and hologram runs from 500 pcs.


From the very establishment in 1995 our company was dedicated to holography and especially to pulsed laser holography. In 1996 we have developed our high energy pulsed solid state lasers and turn-key holography systems incorporating them. In 1998-99 the first Nd:Glass lasers and holography camera systems were sold to clients in Australia, USA and Germany.

In 1998 we have started to distribute photomaterials for holography, black&white photography, spectral plates. and photoplates for radiography and photomasks. Today Geola is probably the major photomaterials for holography supplier world-wide.

In same 1998 we commenced an intensive programme of research and development into digital holography using pulsed Neodymium lasers. Then we have developed a unique RGB SLM pulsed laser, which is used nowadays in modern hologram production factories for hologram recording and replication.

By 1999 we had patented both 1-step and 2-step digital hologram printing technologies based around our pulsed lasers. With our holographic printers one can print holograms directly from series of images. Hologram then contains deep 3D images in colour and even animation. We have sold several such printers worldwide.

In 2012 we have started to adapt our digital holographic printing technique for embossed holography needs. Special pulsed lasers and Originators for embossed holography needs were developed. Our Originators produces deep 3D image and other effects not reproducible with other Originators.

From 2014 we are manufacturing Hologram Replicators, working with Photopolymer and Silver Halide photofilm. It’s working principle we have patented in 2007.

In 2017 unique diffractive optical elements for banknote windows were developed and reported as invited presentations at the conferences Holoexpo, The Holography Conference, HSP Asia and HSP Europe.


Dr. David Brotherton-Ratcliffe

Dr. David Brotherton-Ratcliffe

Chief science officer, Founder

Wrote textbook "Ultra-Realistic Imaging: Advanced Techniques in Analogue and Digital Colour Holography" (with Hans…

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Dr. Stanislovas (Stas) Zacharovas

Dr. Stanislovas (Stas) Zacharovas

CEO and Chief Researcher

Wrote "Practical Holography, fourth edition" textbook (with Graham Saxby) Graduated in 1982 at…

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Dr. Ramunas Bakanas

Dr. Ramunas Bakanas

Deputy CEO and CTO

Graduated in 1999 at Vilnius Pedagogical Institute, Physics faculty, Lithuania. M.Sc. in…

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Ms. Tatjana Benderova, M.Sc.

Ms. Tatjana Benderova, M.Sc.

Chief accountant

Graduated in 1992 at Vilnius State University, Economy faculty. Works at Geola…

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We are situated at the center of Vilnius – capital city of Lithuania. Lithuania is European Union member from 2004.

Company name*: Geola Digital uab
Address: Naugarduko 41, LT-03227, Vilnius, Lithuania
Reg. Nr.: 126132241
VAT Nr.: LT261322410
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Email: info@geola.com

*Since 2007. From 1995 to 2007 – Geola uab