Holograms Replicator

EXLIBRO-200R – the industrial master–drum based machine to replicate colour and/or monochrome holograms onto photopolymers and Silver Halide films.

The device vorking principles are based on contact copying technology invented by Geola’s experts.

Replication system EXLIBRO-200R consists from two main modules:

  • Optical module based on mechanical breadboard consisting of monochrome or RGB pulsed lasers, optical components, etc.
  • Film guiding assembly consisting of necessary film guiding rolls, automatic web guiding devices, sensors, pre-exposure and post-exposure adjustable lighting systems.

Main EXLIBRO-200R system parameters are controlled via PC through supplied software, including pulsed RGB laser. Set of autonomous sensors performs monitoring of condition of photosensitive film tension and copying speed.



  • In-line pre-exposure illumination
  • In-line post-exposure illumination
  • In-line coating of liquid photopolymers.
  • Laser employed: pulsed RGB
  • Repetition rate: 100 Hz
  • Replication width: 200 mm
  • Replication speed: 0.1…10 m/min
  • Photomaterials to replicate image from master hologram : Photopolymers or Silver Halide film rolls

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