Ilumograms In Lab 2

Hologram Printing Service

In our facilities we are printing digital holograms (i-Lumograms) in size from 20x30cm to 100(vert.)x150(hor.)cm.

Printing price – 0.45Eur/sqcm.

Images suitable for ilumographic printing can be easily prepared by anyone following our instructions below.

See videos of some of our i-Lumograms on YouTube

Files preparation

There are three approaches to prepare files suitable for our printing process:
 – Pure digital scene creation and its rendering with computer aided design program such like 3D StudioMax, Maya, etc. Detailed instruction about scene setup and rendering can be downloaded from here.
 – Life scene ilumographic capturing. The best suitable files are produced by equipment employing our HoloCam imaging equipment working principles. Sometimes filming a 3D object on a rotating stage works well for holograms in size of up to 40x60cm.

 – Combination of two methods above. Live capture files are combined with virtual scene images, just like in nowadays movies

As we have mentioned before, digitally created scenes shall be rendered as per our instructions:

Download i-Lumogram files preparation manual for 3D StudioMax

Download i-Lumogram rendering parameters calculator for Windows (zip ~121kB)

Alternatively, we can create for you 3D scene and render it ourselves – contact us.


After creating your files, please send them to us using any of file transfer services – Wertansfer, Transfer.pcloud, etc.. After reviewing your files we will create i-Lumogram preview, so you will be able to see how your i-Lumogram will look like on your computer screen.

Download i-Lumogram preview program for Windows (zip ~1.47MB)

If you will like the preview, in two weeks after receiving your payment we will print and dispatch your i-Lumogram. For payment we accept bank transfer, Visa or Master cards, Paypal.

For the best image quality we recommend to use our lighting solutions.


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