Embossed Holograms Production

Our deep 3D image holograms technology is the only one in the world allowing you to have live animated images on your full-colour hologram. We can make such holograms in quantities, starting from 500 holograms per run. Holograms can be provided on aluminized, hot-stamp or transparent foil rolls or in sheets. Please contact us for further enquiries.

In 1999 we have invented digital holographic printing with pulsed lasers. Since then are producing poster-sized holograms with deep 3D images. Now we have applied this technology to embossed holography needs.

From now on you can have deep 3D images on embossed holograms as well. Those images can be in full colours or monochome, or combination of both. And it also can be 3D images of live subjects. Moreover, the files you have prepared for poster-sized holograms we can use for your embossed holograms runs.

The quantity of embossed holograms we can start to work with is from 500 peaces to several millions – contact us for more details.

Series of Originators and Embossers were especially developed to satisfy market needs for high level security embossed holograms for affordable price.


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